Wealth Creation Ideas – Warren Buffet Way

Berkshire Hathaway Stock price movement :

🚩1962 = $8

🚩1972 = $80

🚩1975 = $38 (Down 53%) while S&P 500 was Down by only 14% between 1972-1975

🚩1975 to 1976 = $94 from $38

🚩1982 = $775

🚩Today = $308,046 (CAGR 20.26% for 57 years)

🔷️ Suppose someone who sold in 1975 because stock was Down 53% or sold in 1972 coz of 10X or someone sold in 1982 coz of 97 times Returns in stock Than it wld have missed Huge OPPORTUNITY to create wealth.

Disc – All views expressed are personal and only for Educational and study purpose. Consult your financial advisor before investing or taking any position based on above article.

3 thoughts on “Wealth Creation Ideas – Warren Buffet Way

  1. Thank you for the message. Can you inform what stock Berkshire Hathaway was holding. They normally hold large cap and not mid and small cap . Also they normally work preferential route to get more dividend on their shares. Any data available on that .

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    1. On average Berkishe Churns stock every 2-3 years (80% stocks) they only keep those stocks which have very long term visibility. Coca cola was once a midcap. They did not sell that stock bcz they see Value creation.
      They go preferential route when they save some good company from temporarily problem this is only because to have good margin of safety then normal equity. They also work prefrential for dividends. Data would be available on berkishe website and you could real his all letters from 1965-70


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