Time To Build Midcap/Small cap Portfolio or Time To Sell?

🔷️ Mostly All Retail Portfolio are Down by 50% To 70% as midcap/smallcap stock had torrid Time From past 20 months.

🔷️ 50% of are of a view to sell everything and Exit the market.Those who have come in market in last 4 years or say in 2014/2015 This is 1st time they are seeing such kind of market correction.And They might be in fear that markets wont Recover.But Cycle would Soon Turn.This Can be Timewise correction.

🔷️ 45% Of the Crowd is Crying of what Happened To there Portfolio.

🔷️And Only 5% Are searching for Smart ideas on How To make Multibagger Returns from Quality Bussiness when Nobody wants to buy and hold for next 3 to 5 years.

Now you have to Decide whome you want to be from above crowd.

Disc – All views expressed are personal and for Educational and study purpose only. Consult your financial advisor gbefore investing or taking any position based on above article.

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