CHEMICAL SECTOR TO DOUBLE ITS CURRENT SIZE BY $300 Billon By 2025 – says Indian Chemical Council

🔷️Indian Chemical Council (ICC) the apex body dedicated for the growth and development of chemical industry in India is aiming to double the size of the industry to $300 billion(30000cr) by year 2025.

🔷️Vijay sankar president of Indian Chemical Council recently said in a note“The Indian chemical industry has witnessed robust growth in the past decade and the potential for future growth is significant. In the coming years India is expected to rise both as a manufacturing capital for valued goods as well as a consumer-driven economy, from a broader perspective.


🔷️The projected high local demand can provide strong platform to Indian chemical companies.

🔷️Indian specialty chemicals sector is also likely to rise almost two-and-a-half times to $87 billion by March 2025 driven by robust 15% growth in end-user industries and emerging export opportunities to the West and China clampdown.

Stock that can Benefit from Chemical Industry Which can Double To $300 Billion ( Almost 30000 cr)


significantly growing domestic market and the upheaval in international markets,particularly with respect to China, augur well with opportunities for the Indian chemical industry to rapidly grow in size and capability.

Acetone & phenol can boost its Earning with start of Dahej plant.


BASF India Ltd was founded in the year 1865. It is headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Its product range includes plastic, catalysts, crude oil, crop technology, natural gas, chemicals, performance chemicals etc


UPL Ltd was founded in the year 1969. It is one the top chemical companies in India. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is an Indian multinational company that manufactures and markets agro chemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals. The company also offers crop protection solutions. The company is engaged in both agro and non-agro activities. The company’s products are sold in approx 120 countries.


Aarti Industries Limited (AIL) is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was founded in the year 1975. It is basic chemicals, agro- chemicals, specialty chemical and pharmaceutical chemical company. Aarti is one of the leading suppliers to global manufacturers of Dyes, Pigments, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals & rubber chemicals. It operates in United States of America, Europe, Japan and India. Its subsidiaries include Aarti Healthcare Ltd , Aarti Corporate Services Ltd, and Alchemie Europe Ltd.


Tata Chemicals Ltd was founded in the year 1939. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is one of the top chemical companies in India. The company product range includes nitrogenous, chemicals, fertilizers, industrial finishing products etc.

Different plant locations are as follows-

  • Mithapur
  • Babrala
  • Magadi
  • Green River
  • Nanded
  • Tuticorin etc


Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals Ltd was founded in the year 1987. It is headquartered in Inox Towers, Noida Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the largest producers of refrigerants, chloromethanes, polytetrafluoro-ethylene.


In Chemicals, the company mainly manufactures Soda Ash (Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate) that is a major raw material for Detergents & Glass industries and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda).

GHCL Limited was incorporated on 14th of October 1983. The company has established itself as a well-diversified group with an ascertained footprint in Chemicals, Textiles, and Consumer Products segment.

Its Textiles operations is an integrated vertical set up which commences right from the spinning of fiber (yarn), weaving, dyeing, printing till the finished products, like sheets & duvets, take shape which is primarily exported worldwide.

Consumer Products operation is another business for GHCL where it is a leader in manufacturing and selling Edible salt, Industrial grade salt and Honey in the country.


Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (GACL) was incorporated on 29th March 1973 in the State of Gujarat by Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited (GIIC), a wholly owned company of Govt. of Gujarat, as a Core Promoter. It has integrated manufacturing facilities for Caustic Soda, Chlorine, Hydrogen Gas, Hydrochloric Acid, Chloromethanes, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Carbonate, Sodium Cyanide, Sodium Ferrocyanide.


India Glycols is a leading company that manufactures green technology based bulk, specialty and performance chemicals and natural gums, spirits, industrial gases, sugar and nutraceuticals.

The company was established as a single mono-ethylene glycol plant in 1983. Since then, IGL has brought together cutting-edge technology, innovation and an unflagging commitment to quality, to manufacture a wide range of products that have found global demand.


The company exports to North America, Europe, West Asia and Asia Pacific. It expects the growth in inorganic fluoride segment to continue amid sustained demand from the steel and aluminium industries. It has spent Rs 10 crore on a plant that is likely be operational by the end of 2018-19. JM Financial likes the company’s focus on high-value products and expects revenue growth of 11.5% in 2018-19 and Ebitda margin of 23%. Ebitda stands for earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.


The specialty chemicals firm caters to the steel, aluminum, automotive, plastics and infrastructure sectors. ICICI Direct is bullish on the stock due to its stable balance sheet—debt-equity ratio in 2018-19 was 0.4. The company has a robust cash flow and has spent an impressive sum on new-age products. Its debt situation is likely to be stable as it capex needs will largely be met by internal accruals. Value-added products, unique proposition and global footprint will drive the company’s growth.


The company makes products for textile, paper, plastic and leather industries. It manufactures and exports sulphuric acid, dye intermediates and dyestuff, among other chemicals. SBI Cap Securities believes that the company’s expansion into products such as dyestuff and thionyl chloride and its backward integration is likely to support its growth momentum.

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