CORELATING 2003 TO 2015 CORRECTION – The Fall & Strong Bounce Back – Can history Repeat Again aft 2020 correction??

💢 3 C that Led the Current Downfall in Global & Indian stock market – CORONA,CRUDE OIL & CREDIT CRISES

🔷️Just See Following Chart How much each stock had corrected during 2003-2004 Correction and Than how mich It when up During next leg of Bull Run

🔷️Also have a look at following chart of 2008 Financial Melt down bubble also know as Sub prime crises

🔷️Same way 2011 stocks that When Down & Than Till 2015 how much they Run up

🔷️Stocks that Corrected in 2015 and How much RETURNS they gave before 2020 correction

🔷️ One thing is common every Time STOCK falls 30/40/60% also and Good stocks with Good and strong bussinesss recovers faster and gives huge returns in next 5 years.Many bussiness have given upto 18000% Returns like BF utility in 2004 to 2008. Symphony giving 1400% Returns in 2008 to 2010. Ajanta pharma giving 3000% returns from 2011 to 2015. And in 2015 to 2018 Apollo Tricoats given almost 2200% Returns.

🔷️Current situation also giving us great opportunity to add Quality bussiness with strong Management and strong bussiness to add at very attractive levels.

🔷️Strong people would add in Panic and during correction. While those who not booked at HIGHER levels are still stocks up or are in severe shock.

🔷️When price to book and P.E becomes expensive you should sell and sit in cash. And when price to book and price to earning comes to ATTRACTIVE levels you should start deploying in stocks and mutual fund.

The above chart shows it took generally 4 months to 14 months for markets to BOTTOM OUT.It has been only 45 days yet when Nifty hitting all time HIGH. So still we are not very close to BOTTOM in terms of Time wise correction atlest, if we go by history.Only in 2008 we had corrected 65% rest of the time we had corrected upto
36% And Till now nifty has seen 12430 To 7511 levels – Correction of almost 40%

Disc – All views expressed are personal and only for Educational and study purpose.consult your financial advisor before investing or taking any position based on above article. This in not any Buy/Sell Recommendation.Its purely for Educational purpose only.