FUTURE Group Stocks – Future Retail, Future Life, Future Supply,Future Consumer – Will they make a come Back soon?Big Brand Already Destroyed huge wealth.

💢Whole FUTURE GROUP stocks are on down circuits from past many sessions.All stocks MOVING lower circuit to lower circuit.Something Big Cooking Opportunity or One should stay away from it?

When Can VALUE emerge or one should stay away from it?Just before 6 months Future group was valued at 43000cr and Now compared Group market cap has came down close to 7550cr only , a whopping loss of 37000cr.


CMP – 70.70
MARKET CAP – 3728 cr
52wk HIGH/LOW – 489/70.70
5 Year HIGH/LOW – 656/70.70

FY19 EPS – 13

🔷️It’s from FUTURE Group.Promotor kishore Biyani a very well known brand.Have corrected almost 86% from its 52 week high and stock is moving in lower circuit to lower circuit.It is in down circuit from almost 14 to 15 session.

🔷️Kishore Biyani is exploring a significant stake dilution in Future Retail and a merger of insurance joint venture Future Generali with bigger, well capitalised players. The Group founder is also in talks with PremjiInvest to sell a large chunk of the promoter stake in Future Retail Ltd (FRL) to tide over his liquidity crisis, reports says.

🔷️Many rating agencies have downgraded its ratings for 528 cr bank loan facilities and 199 cr NC issue

first they have sold stocks to retailers in name of Amazon deal and after that news company continue making lows.Until big hand take over, no big jump expected.

🔷️Retail Shares like Dmart are Doing very Well & are trading very close to 52wk High.Something big cooking.we can see more 10 to 15 lower circuits.stock can corrected significantly even from current levels say may be 40/30.

🔷️But surely something cooking and the day it reverses it wld RUN Curcuit to circuit.High risk High Return kind of can expect stock to TOUCH sub 30 levels also.


CMP – 94.40
MARKET CAP – 414 cr
52wk HIGH/LOW – 710/94
5 Year HIGH/LOW – 760/94

🔷️This can even test 70/50/42.As stock has slided one side from 360 levels.whener recover comes it would be circuit to circuit.Not for Retail investor. Very High RISK HIGH Return.


🔷️The coronavirus, or COVID-2019 outbreak, has impacted Future Group’s business. The company had signed deals with Amazon, Blackstone, and Nippon group over the past six months.

🔷️Stocks of the group’s listed entities plunged over the past month, due to fears over the outbreak’s economic impact. 

🔷️Future EnterprisesFuture Lifestyle FashionsFuture Retail, & Future Supply Chain Solutions have lost around half of their value since the start of 2020.Recently Future Retail said some lenders who held non-convertible debentures (NCDs) through IDBI Trusteeship Services invoked pledged shares worth 8 percent.Future Group is evaluating several ways to solve the debt problem, said the report.

🔷️ One such method is selling the entire business of Future Lifestyle Fashions.Future group is also exploring the option of fundraising at the promoter level, through a combination of equity and structured debt, the report said.“The promoters are engaged in talks with various investors to raise money. They would need an infusion of around Rs 1,000-1,500 crore in the near term,” a source told the publication.

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