Chemical stocks can Be Stock of Decade – Which is Best chemical stock to keep for next 10 years?1 stock that Can Turned 5Lac into 2.50Cr in next Decade.

♨️One Stock can Turn your fortunes 5Lac Invested can Fetch upto 2.50cr in next Decade If we go by past history and Even stock promises to have ability to reach those LEVELS,if you have patience to hold this Multibagger Chemical Stock.

♨️In current Downfall one sector that stood out was Chemical Sector.It corrected but Bounced very Sharply in just a matter of one and half month.

♨️Few of our chemical picks Like Deepak Nitrite, Navin Flouride & Aarti Inds bounced very Sharply and also made new 52WK HIGH recently Six months back we had an article that stated “THAT INDIA CAN BECOME CHEMICAL HUB BY 2025”

Old Link on Chemical Space 👇

♨️There are many Good chemical stocks.But We feel 3 stocks can be clear winner in Chemical space




Let’s have comparision between DEEPAK NITRITE VS AARTI INDS.

♨️If you see above Comparision on 10 year basis Both stock have given superb returns Deepak Nitrite has given 41.09% year on year basis Returns in last 10 years.While Aarti Inds has given almost 46% year on year Returns.

♨️We feel chemical sector is going to be the Sector of Decade.At current juncture we feel Deepak Nitrite is well poised to be huge Multibagger for next 10 years and even after that.

♨️ If someone has a view of 10 years Deepak Nitrite can be one of the leader in its Sector.If we go by Past 10 years History in terms of Returns.Stock cab even given good returns for those looking for investment for 1 to 3 years.

♨️If someone invests 5 Lac in Deepak Nitrite The possible transformed VALUE can be around 2.50cr Approx After 10 years.As in last 10 years company has given average 40% Yearly Returns, If one goes by that There are high chances that it can Hit Bulls Eye in next one Decade Too.


Disc – All views expressed are personal and only for Educational and study purpose. Consult your financial advisor before investing or taking any position based on above article.

5 thoughts on “Chemical stocks can Be Stock of Decade – Which is Best chemical stock to keep for next 10 years?1 stock that Can Turned 5Lac into 2.50Cr in next Decade.

  1. You’ve revised your long term target from 20,000+ to 3000/4500/6000/7500.

    Is there any particular reason u have downgraded the target?

    I was infact expecting 10000+ in the next 5 yrs.

    Hope all well with company.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 20000 would also come.DN is Growth stock 3000/4500/6000/7500++

      Means upgrade coming aft reaching all above target

      10000/20000 is just number. After 5 or 10 years DN would be like Titan/infosys/Divis of Chemical industry

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