IBUL HOUSING FINANCE – Available at 90% Discount from it’s all Time High – Is it worth Buying?

CMP – 153.50
MARKET CAP – 6563 cr
52wk HIGH/LOW – 745/81
5 Year HIGH/LOW – 1440/81
DIVIDEND YIELD – 26%(2019)

If we go by History ibull Housing has made huge returns for investors.But from 2018 onwards stocks after hitting it’s all time of 1440 started correcting.

Currently stock is available at almost 90% Discount from it’s all time high made in 2018.Risk return looks better for LONGTERM. We dont expect company to declare very high dividend for next few years.But 500% Dividend can translate into good dividend yield of 7.5%+

Technically Stock is moving above its 10/21 & 50 DMA.It can try To touch its 100 DMA placed around 189 and there after 200 DMA around 250 levels.once 250 levels are broken we can see sustained UPMOVE and over a period of time stock has ability to move to 500/750+ kind of levels also but this can be a longterm scenerio.journey wont be one side and easy but if things start falling in favour of ibull Housing from 2021 this can be even 1000+ in next few years

On downside it has very strong support around 130 levels.Any breakdown below that level can take stock to 110-100 zone.we feel no new LOWS can be tested as of now.stock has already made bottom.

Company also trying to Raise Funds

One should keep tight stop loss as per RISK as this has been in highlight in past due to Promotors activity.

Disc – All views expressed are personal and only for Educational and study purpose only. Consult your financial advisor before investing or taking any position based on above article.

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