ALEMBIC PHARMA – 30x Returns in last 8 years # Can it still Continue To Give such Returns?

CMP – 1086
MARKET CAP – 20486 cr
52wk HIGH/LOW – 1129/435
5 Year HIGH/LOW – 1129/414
FY21 EXPECTED EPS – 68 to 70

Alembic Trading at attractive valuation vs Industry & Its peers.

Agressive players can add stock at cmp & Safe players can wait for Dips and add on SIP bwt 950 T0 1050

Stock has potential To give 2x Returns in next 1.5 To 2 years.And 3x/4x Returns in 5 years.

From 2012 Till date stock has been 30 bagger. Stock has given 30x returns in last 8 years.In 2012 stock was merely trading at Rs.36 and has appreciated by 3000% To trade at 1080.


Alembic has spent close to Rs.3700 crs including Rs.2000 crs in core capex which will be largely commercialized in FY22 (ex onco injectable – FY23). This will unleash significant growth in areas such as Injectables, Opthalmics and Oncology.

Stock can be Rerated very soon once planned capex starts and That can give much needed growth.


Alembic has more than 80 products, with current market opportunity of USD 38 billion in their Injectable pipeline waiting to be launched over next 2-3 years. Given the patent cliff & current shortages, Alembic is well poised to gain significant market share in these launches.

Company has very Decent ROCE of 23% and ROE of 26.97%.

Company has recently raised 750cr QIP@932.From 750cr company would use 400cr for debt repayment.while remaining fund would be utilized for expanding API & injectable manufacturing facility.

Disc – All views expressed are personal and only for educational and study purpose only. Consult your financial advisor before investing or taking any position based on above article.


15 thoughts on “ALEMBIC PHARMA – 30x Returns in last 8 years # Can it still Continue To Give such Returns?

  1. Hi Sir,
    Please reveal the name of the stock mentioned in telegram group on August 14 which is around 180- 200 now and possibility of target 5000+ in 2023..


  2. Dear sir, arthi industries better than arthi drugs? Bit confusing to differentiate the two. Can you throw some light
    2.whats the stock which you are expecting 20000%returns in future as you had mention in telegram. Can you please reveal the name?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aarti Drugs & Aarti Inds both are good stocks.
      20000% Returns is different stock already that stock has given 6000% returns in last 3 to 4 years. Had shared in group before 2 to 3 years


      1. I am already a member in your telegram channel sir for nearly a year. I couldn’t find / guess name of the stock. If possible reveal the name.


    1. Glenmark is laggard in pharma space.we don’t know your time horizon Once can shift to other pharma stocks reco in channel & website which has potential to grow at much faster pace vs Glenmark pharma. Support @470/430. If both this levels are not violated than can expect new high in next 3 months.


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