How find Multibagger stocks in Longterm?Stocks to keep for Decades for Wealth creation

🔅Maximum Trader and investors jump into stock market To make “MONEY Jaldi instead of making JADA

🔅If You pick up Right sector and right stock making 5×/10×/25×/50× not very difficult. You just need to stay invested with conviction and in right stocks.

🔅Many would say as there are multibaggers then there are multi failures also like Rcom,Suzlon,GMR and j p Associates etc. I don’t deny on that.Need To stay away from them also.

🔅Even Very simple logic in stock market makes money 💰. Just find how 🤔

🔅Everyday I woke up and brushed my Teeth # I used colgate – which turned money 100 times in last 20 years.

🔅Than used Soap and Shampoo # so used HUL – which turned 25 times in last 20 years.

🔅Tata Coffee and Tata Global Turned – 50 times in last 20 years

🔅With Coffee and Tea thought to have some biscuits – BRITANNIA which turned 100 times in last 20 years.

🔅I started dressing up and came across Titan # it also created huge wealth almost 100 times in 17 to 18 years.

🔅I need car to Travel To my office. MARUTI – Turned 50 times in last 20 years.

🔅Needed CNG IN CAR # so bought IGL – Which Turned 30 times in 8 to 9 years.

🔅Had money to deposit in Bank open Account in HDFC BANK – which turned 50 to 60 times in last 20 years.

🔅Thought to paint my home # ASIAN PAINTS- which gave 5000 times returns in last 30 to 35 years.

🔅Similar WIPRO turned 4000 times in last 30 years

🔅It was too Hot 🔥- so Installed Voltas A.C # which turned 50 times in last 15 years.

🔅Need Finance for multiple Reason # so invested in Bajaj Finance # Which turned 100 times in last 16 years.

🔅I felt Hungry so bought Nestlé Maggi – Nestlé has Turned wealth 50 times is last 20 years.

🔅Simple lesson to learn is Find things are around you

Warren buffets Partner Munger said

Stock market is not a profession of genius people”

🔅Just Look Around You For Quality Sustainable Bussiness # Buy on Panic and in Dips. Stay Invested with conviction and confidence for longer period and you can Grow your wealth at Good Compounding rate. Patience is key.

Disc – All views expressed are personal and only for educational and study purpose. Consult your financial advisor before investing or taking any position based on above article.

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