Series 6-Rs.10000 to Rs.700+ Crores-The Ultimate

*How an investment of Rs.10000 grew to Rs.700 Crores in 37 years* *Power of equity* *Power of long term investing* *Power of patience* How 10000 invested became 700 crores in WIPRO An investment of Rs.10,000 into 100 shares of Wipro in year 1980, held until now as it is without any action is now worth … Continue reading Series 6-Rs.10000 to Rs.700+ Crores-The Ultimate

Series 5-Traditional Investment

There are few people who say Gold is the best Asset class for Investment But Today  *👉Equity is New Flavour of Decade* â–¶Forget Traditional Investment in Gold & Silver..... 👉Last year Around 8th November 2016, there was Demonatization & There was economic slowdown and multiple tv show & Channel showed India in big trouble,Nifty and … Continue reading Series 5-Traditional Investment